Website boosts business and brand value

Website boosts business and brand value

website boosts business and brand value

World Wide Web has changed the current world and now-a-days we can’t even think our life without internet. Even before sleeping we don’t forget to check what’s happenning in our Facebook timeline or Twitter for the latest tweets. That’s the fact. And we have created so many opportunities for business for ourselves and others. So how a website boosts business and brand value? Today I will try to describe this for you.

History of WWW

Let me first describe shortly the history of Web. We all should thank a British Scientist Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989. During that time he was working at CERN. By 1990, Tim Berners-Lee had the main Web server and browser ready for action at CERN. That was the beginning for WWW. And from then the web technology is one of the boosting sector and it is continuously changing and making our life easier through it’s service in various sectors.

Business without website


Let’s think of an mega shop which has variety of products in it’s store. The owner of the shop opened the shop targeting the customers nearby. But he observed that the sale is not up to the mark. So he decided to attract more customers. As he doesn’t have any website or know about the web technology, he decided to hire some representatives who will visit prospective clients and will try to convince them to shop from that mega shop. Although that increases sale, but that was very little. But that doesn’t help, as his business cost increased for the representatives salary.

Let’s think about another case. A business was established targeting Garments. But the owner don’t have any website. So when he is visiting prospective clients to make deal for business, he can’t represent a website which is making a negative impact on his clients. And he is not able succeed as he should. As now-a-days a website is a standard for any type of business. He is not being able to upscale his sales and brand value without website. Also he is losing opportunities to expand his website worldwide.

For an Author we can think what he will face if he doesn’t have any website. He is dependant only on Bookstore. But if he has a Website, he can easily sale his books on website and also will be able to build audience for his upcoming books.

Business with website


Now for the first case the owner has decided to build a website with ecommerce. So he is intending to increase the sale of his business. He hired a professional to build his website rather than hiring a team of representatives. The developer build an website for the owner and then he did SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The owner then started marketing the website to various social medias and also posted ads there. And within few months he observed an incredible increase in sale. Also he observed that he is getting interest from clients all over the country and he expanded the business.

For the Garment business, the owner did the same. He also hired a Web Developer to build a business portfolio website. After building the site he is able to crack many business deals and his brand value has increased due to the website. And he was able to crack business deals worldwide.

And the Author, also hired a web developer and he started selling his books on the site. Thus his sales increased and also build a group of fan follower.

If you are a freelancer or a photographer, a portfolio will definitely help you to boost your business and will surely increase the brand value.

Final Thought

So with those case studies we can see how a website boosts business and brand value. If we have a website then we can follow various methods to boost business or brand value. There is E-mail Marketing, social media boosting, AD Posting and so many other techniques that will help you in the process. Just need to keep in mind that the website is professional and elegant. Such website attracts the audience well and will definitely boost your business and brand value.

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